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Friday, March 11, 2011

ETL Status : Failed

Sakit otak plak ni ari dengan status ETL tu, manjang failed.Apa Kes!! Alahai tension o0o lani duk baca manual and keep redo. B4 tis pernah buat and i dont think this process is complex, sbb very stright forward punya process. So nak tak nak kena try & error lagi.Opsss silap cuba jaya!! sure end up akan berjaya, klau try n error end up mmg jumpa error la hahaha. Well learning is never stop process, it's one of the lifes cycle aper, blaja secara official n none official sajer.  Oh bagi yang buta apa itu ETL, do refer incik Google or u can ask mr wiki ok.Here from mr wiki, cekkidout =) 

Extract, transform, load(ETL)
Extract, transform and load (ETL) is a process in database usage and especially in data warehousing that involves:

Extracting data from outside sources
Transforming it to fit operational needs (which can include quality levels)
Loading it into the end target (database or data warehouse)

For detail make urself free untuk jenguk wiki


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