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Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Thanks a lot untuk yang mengikuti blog saya ni..nak2 pengunjung tetap atau pon silent reader ada ke hikhikhik. Notting to share sbb mood kerja yang byk nak kena settle melebihi segala mood lain hahah sungguh poyo skali.Cuma untuk selingan saya attachkan vid clip dengan lagu kegemaran saya ni..i <3 R&B huhuhuhu enjoice guys *__*


Hmmmmmmmm... hey yea hey... hoooooowhooo... baby

Kind of like a summer's breeze,
you do exactly as you please,
drop a brother to his knees just for fun.
I think it was the first of May,
girl I can't forget the day,
right then and there I knew you were the one.
Do you think that possibly,
you could spend your life with me,
cuz girl this love is growing, and it's hotter than the sun.

I get a little bit crazy baby,
everytime you call my name
my heart beats a little bit faster,
after, you are in my arms again.
You try to fight it,
don't even try to hide it,
emotions falling down like the rain,
I can't find the words to explain it,
ain't it, crazy how i fall,
everytime you call my name.

It's kind of like a work of art,
you shot an arrow through my heart,
even though we're worlds apart I can't deny,
it feels like your apart
of me the finish and the start of me,
girl you are the heart of me,
and that's no lie,
did I mention that I love you so,
and I just want the world to know,
if I could you kno I would write your name across the sky.


Crazy, crazy...
Evertime that your close to me,
I lose control of my sanity,
everynight, everyday, every word and you say,
girl do you know you put a spell on me.


Everytime you call my name,
I don't know what to do,
I'm so in love with you.


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