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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HoHoHo LiLiLi Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Every time I need to rest or having holiday sure ahkak akan counting the days. Mood merundum cam pasaran saham. Hahaha. Kijer slow cam kura-kura walaupun kije ahkak bersepah and kije never ending. Yang best ahkak ding-dong e-mail with my boss and gaduh kecik-kecik untuk apply for leave. Tapi ahkak menggunakan pendekatan physiology and ternyata ahkak menang the case. hahaha bijaknya ahkak like a lawyer hik3. So ahkak akan on leave for 11D10N yippie..toink-toink. This time i will bring my closest family member with me and enjoy with them in Kuantan. Hopefully they will happy and enjoy the trip. I have impatience to wait actually.


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